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Can CBD help with brainfog?

September 13, 2022

We all experience brainfog at one point. Those times where you absolutely can't focus or get anything done... But guess what? There are some really easy tips and tricks to clear this mental fog. And finally get all this stuff done!

What is brain fog and how does it manifest?

Brain fog is not a health condition but a temporary cluster of signs associated with mental laziness. If you experience brain fog, then you will, most of the time, find it difficult to focus, your memory may not be as sharp, you may be disorganized...

How to get out of that “brain fog” state

Now that you know more about bran fog, let’s go over some of the easiest and quickest ways to stop brain fog:

- Try to be less stressed out : Try yoga or meditation or deep breathing that will help lower your heart rate and be more calm

- Take a break from computer and phones : Screens are overstimulating. Take a break from your screens and it will help you have a clearer mind.

- Stay active and have some Vitamine D : Going outside in the sunshine or taking a walk around the office can make you feel better with all those feel-good hormones they will produce.

- Get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is the most important thing you can do for your mental health and for brain fog.

- Avoid being overstimulated : Doing things like clearing your office or turning all those notifications off will help you refocus your mind.

- Try CBD for brain fog! CBD can help you with brain fog or mental fatigue. It also helps you remain calm, helping you navigate all the stressors of the day that add up and eventually trigger mental fatigue. CBD is also helpful to have a more restful sleep, thus helping you with mental exhaustion.

Brain fog can be extremely debilitating. However, with the advice above and the added benefits of CBD, you have a chance to stop that brain fog right in its tracks!