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CBD for Pain Management

CBD for Pain Management

June 12, 2018

Pain relief and pain management is probably the most common use for CBD or cannabidiol. Pain can affect anyone at any point in life and nothing is as comforting as knowing that you can get help from a natural remedy. Chronic pain is found to affect millions of people in the US alone every year. Aside from self-care and physical therapy, you can choose to add CBD to your treatment regimen to enjoy a plant-based and natural pain relief. CBD is basically different from majority of prescribed painkillers since this is non-toxic, not addictive, and has minimal side effects, if there are any. 

Wether you are suffering from migraine, headache, sclerosis, fibromyalgia, you can be sure CBD will be able to give you the help you need. 

Recommended CBD Routine for Pain Relief 

When planning a CBD routine for a certain illness or disease, it is a must to remember that you have to use CBD on a regular basis to enjoy maximum relief. It means that you have to use this as a preventative first. You can also use it for managing acute flair ups although preventative maintenance is still the most important. You can consider this as similar to a dietary supplement for which you have to develop a baseline concentration first in your system. 

CBD for Daily Maintenance 

To manage your pain, it is recommended to consume full spectrum cannabidiol every day in the form of gel capsules or tinctures. The ingredients in such products are the same. The only main difference between these two is the dosage and form factor. It is recommended those suffering from any type of pain begin with 5 to 10mg daily of CBD. If relief isn’t felt at this dosage, it is suggested to increase by 5 to 10mg until your desired effects are attained. You will notice that Gel capsules are pre-filled and have 25mg CBD per pill. Such ingestible products give sustained relief for a few hours. Most people experience relief for the entire day. But, if there’s one thing that you should take note, it’s the fact that ingestible CBD products are the delayed onset time and may take up to ninety minutes for full effects of capsules or tinctures to be felt.

For the pains located in bones, skin, tendons, myofascial tissues, muscles or ligaments, it is recommended to supplement with topical salve. This strength salve penetrates deep in the skin layer to minimize pain and inflammation. Relief could be felt within fifteen minutes and last few hours. Just re-apply if necessary.

Dealing with Acute Flair Ups

Aside from the daily pain management program, some people find they still require a safe way to deal acute flair ups. Whether it is due to a recent injury, general aggravation or cool weather, you should vaporize CBD isolate to fight against such acute pain flair ups. The advantage of dabbing or vaporizing CBD isolate is that relief can be instantaneous. CBD isolates are ninety-nine percent pure CBD and offers a relief that may be felt throughout the body.