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Fun Facts about CBD

Fun Facts about CBD

March 18, 2021

Here are 7 fun facts about CBD that you may not know!

1. CBD derived from hemp is legal federally in all 50 States in USA. 

Hemp derived CBD is now federally legal in all 50 states in USA. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill removes hemp as well as hemp seeds from the DEA schedule of controlled substances.

2. CBD is only one of the hundred of interesting compounds derived from cannabinoids.

What doesn't come to mind when thinking about cbd is that cannabis contains a huge range of naturally occurring compounds. There are in fact hundreds of cannabinoid compounds that are known to this day.
These compounds interact together throughout the body through the endocannabinoid system. In addition to CBD, the other researched phytocannabinoids include CBG, CBC, CBN,CBDA, CBGA, CBCA, CBDV, Δ9-THCA, Δ9-THC, Δ8-THC, and Δ9-THC.

A lot of interest has been given to this interaction in current research. Research indeed focuses on finding the best ratio for CBD and these other cannabinoids to evaluate what ratio would produce the most benefit for users.

Interesting to know: the University of Florida Veterinary Medicine is currently making a clinical trial to treat lymphoma in dogs with CBD!

3. CBD is CBD, no matter the source

Some people say CBD that was extracted from real cannabis is more potent than CBD extracted from industrial hemp. This is a myth!

Both marijuana and hemp plants are the same species, the Cannabis sativa. The only difference is in the plant’s cannabinoid count, and there is no difference in the cannabinoid's effectiveness.

4. CBD can be beneficial to pets even though they are healthy

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is found in all animals. This system regulates appetite, sleep, mood, your hormones, the pain response, and even the immune system. So maintaining the ECS is crucial for your wellbeing and the one of your pet. The ECS is always working to maintain balance, that is why CBD can be helpful to encourage health and wellness. 

5.  Queen Victoria used to consume CBD oil

There are records of Queen Victoria using CBD during her reign of England. She reportedly used CBD deal with her menstrual cramps! Her physician Sir J. Russel Reynolds used to advocate the use of cannabis to alleviate the pain she was facing.

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6. Hemp is one of the world’s oldest crops 

Archaeologists traced hemp back as far as the emergence of agriculture, so between 12,000 to 10,000 years ago.  Carl Sagan, a marijuana advocate, said that hemp may have been the first cultivated crop!

7. FDA released a new CBD product to help treat epilepsy 

Even the FDA seems to be buying in! FDA have indeed announced a new CBD drug called Epidiolex to help treat epilepsy. This drug would be used to combat seizures associated with Lennox-Gasaut Syndrome (LGS) or Dravet Syndrome (Dravet) in patients aged from 2 to 55 years. The research included patients with uncontrolled seizures even though they were using several other seizure medications. The results showed a real reduction in convulsive seizures compared to the use of a placebo. 

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