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Is CBD Legal?

Is CBD Legal?

June 12, 2018

CBD oil’s legal status is not white and black. Medical research and attitudes change toward the use of compound with regulations and laws being updated always. There are basically two primary factors that will help you understand easily if CBD is legal. These include the kind of plant the CBD extracted like industrial hemp or cannabis and the laws where you reside.


Hemp based CBD or cannabis

CBD may come from cannabis plants or hemp. Such plants are both from the family of cannabis and have a major difference. Cannabis frequently contains high level of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (up to thirty percent), whereas the industrial hemp is grown mostly with under 0.2 percent of this compound, which makes the known high from consuming CBD that is hemp-based.

Due to this, industrial hemps is legal in numerous countries around the globe and in most European countries, it is also used to make products for various industries such as building and concrete suppliers, car manufacturers, skincare and natural beauty items. Therefore, CBD extracted from the industrial help is considered legal if you can confirm the origin of your supplement through the reports contained in the product or send out by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, CBD that is made from cannabis plants is much harder to define as illegal or legal and throws up the grey areas when it comes to legal consumptions. If you went in a state or country where cannabis is legal, all CBD is legal. Depending on locations, there would be some particular regulations on where it could be purchased or sold and if you need a prescription. However, it isn’t the case in most countries across the world. Cannabis remains illegal and taken from such plants, no matter where CBD was extracted, isn’t considered legal because its origin isn’t really legal.

Basically, CBD is legal once extracted from industrial hemp in the following countries : France, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Portugal.

(This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us before ordering if you are not sure about the legality of CBD in your country, we will provide you the information)

The majority of CBD sold online, including the products sold on our store, is derived from industrial hemp and thus legal in these countries.

When it comes to CBD based on cannabis, consultation on the own rules of the mentioned countries in terms of cannabis will show whether this kind of CBD is legal. You have to take note that CBD ranges from being illegal to legal to only legal with medical prescriptions. The origin of the content and product may be confirmed through batch reports and lab tests that must accompany CBD products. If the product doesn’t come with these, you might be at legal risk as you don’t have proof of what product really contains.

The good news is CBD movement grows, the scientific research changes attitudes towards its classification and regulation. Through this, CBD’s legal status changes rapidly, so it is recommended to keep updated on local laws to be aware of the information regarding CBD.

If you are in France, as of November 2018, CBD derived from industrial hemp and containing less than 0.2% THC is legal. However we recommend you check the guidelines with police department, local government officer or customs officer regarding the updated information. With this, you can be assured if the CBD is legal.