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Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Brownie 15mg

Cannabis Bakehouse is taking edibles to the next level with these decadent CBD Brownies!

With 15mg of CBD, these brownies are THC free and are made using the best quality natural terpenes.

Also available in 5mg and 10mg CBD.

Cannabis Bakehouse has strict quality control measures ensuring every brownie has the exact same level of CBD. These CBD brownies may be used for any benefits you may get from CBD, but also because they taste fantastic!

CBD Content: The brownie contains 15mg of CBD isolate per serving. 

Manufacturer: The Cannabis Bakehouse company is based in the United Kingdom and specializes in making CBD-infused baked goods. They have a variety of other products available, including cookies and cakes.

Ingredients: Cannabis Bakehouse uses high-quality ingredients to make their product, such as sugar, flour, chocolate, and eggs.

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