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Plant of Life CBD Crystals 99% CBD

These Plant of Life CBD crystals are powdered and ready to consume.  They contain 99% of CBD and are an all natural product.

CBD isolate is the most potent CBD product available. Some users describe CBD isolate's effects as making them feel as if they are in the flow or that it make them feel more at peace. Other user reported CBD isolates making them feel more energised after they take the supplement.

UseThese crystals can be taken orally, vaped, dabbed, added to cream and applied to the skin, or added to food or drinks.

Content: 100mg

The most easy way of ingesting CBD crystals is to hold them under the tongue for 60–90 seconds. This way, the crystals get directly into your bloodstream, causing you to feel the effects almost immediately.

Contains 0% THC.

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