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CBDsativa CBD Chewable Tablets

CBDsativa CBD Chewable Tablets make dosing your CBD effortless!

Each box of these CBD chewing gums produced by CBD Sativa contain a whopping 60 CBD tablets with 10mg of cannabidiol in each tablet. You can conveniently take these tablets with you, on the road, or at work. These tasty CBD tablets with orange flavour offer you a consistently dosed product.

The benefit of using CBD chewing gums is that when chewing your CBD tablet the CBD will be directly absorbed by the enzymes in your mouth from the moment you put the tablet in your mouth.

CBDsativa CBD Chewable Tablets are a deliciously unique way to enjoy CBD. Whether you're busy and want something quick, or on-the-go and looking for a portable option, these tasty chewables are ideal for you!

One tablet contain 10 mg of cannabidiol.

Content: 60 tablets

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