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Sensi Seeds CBD e-liquid 50mg

Sensi Seeds E-liquid 50 mg (10 ml) contains 50mg of CBD (cannabidiol).

This oil has been extracted from industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) within the European Union, without the use of pesticides or herbicides, what guarantees a high quality oil, safe to use.

This suspension contains 50mg of CBD that has been extracted from organically grown industrial hemp. It is meant to be used with your e-cigarette or vape pen, making it a healthier alternative to smoking while delivering a high dose of CBD.



Sensi Seeds' CBD products are tested at each stage of the production process to ensure the highest quality product and no impurities as well as measure the cannabinoid contents.


Ingredients: 99% cannabidol and natural sativa herb extract, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol.

Use: Use twice daily. Place up to 1/2ml (15 drops) under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds, and then swallow. 1 drop contains approximately 1mg of CBD.

Conservation Store in a cool dry place. Once open, keep in the refrigerator. Shake the bottle before use.


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