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Elixinol CBD Cleansing Balm 100mg

Elixinol CBD Cleansing Balm is a buttery facial balm that contains 100mg of full spectrum Hemp Extract as well as plant extracts and essential oils to cleanse your skin. It contains soothing aloe vera, chamomile, and white tea.

Elixinol is a famous Colorado based company, that strives to manufacture and provide the highest quality CBD Hemp extracts in the world.

Aloe vera has been shown to have the following benefits on the skin:

  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • supports the production of collagen which prevents fines lines and wrinkles
  • it can speed up wound healing time and limits scarring
  • it has an antioxidant effect that can help repair sun damage and slow down the aging process of the skin

White tea on the other hand, helps keep your skin looking young by protecting it from damage. Researchers believe that the antioxidants contained in white tea reduce oxidative stress which is the type of stress that is thought to promote skin cancer, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.

Content: 100ml.

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