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Plant of Life 66% CBD Wax OG Kush

This Plant of Life 66% CBD Wax OG Kush is a wax made from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant that contains 66% of pure CBD and a tiny amount of THC (under the 0.2% THC that is the legal limit in most European countries).

It is meant to be dabbed or vaporised, which are both the fastest-acting way to absorb CBD. Both methods have become increasingly popular over the last years.

This wax is a 100% natural extract obtained from industrial hemp plants certified by the EU. It has been extracted using the carbon dioxide process. This process is used to extract the purest forms of CBD.

Weight: 1 gram.

Ingredients: Extract of Cannabis Sativa L.

Its production was subject to strict quality controls, the product contains no pesticides, and is certified by the Agri-Food Technology Centre of Extremadura.

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